Financial Policy and Estimates

Prior to your scheduled procedure, we will verify your insurance benefits and call you with an estimate of fees, if applicable, that will be paid by you prior to the day of surgery.  These fees may include: co-pay, coinsurance, and/or deductibles.

The surgery center's bill does not include the following: fees for your surgeon, anesthesiologist, laboratory, pathology, or other diagnostic tests ordered by your surgeon.  These items are billed separately by the applicable provider.


We estimate the amount due from the patient based on information obtained from the patients insurance company. We ask that the estimated portion be paid before or the day of surgery.  Since the patient portion is an estimate, based on information received from the patient’s insurance company, a final review of the patient’s account will occur after the claim is processed. We will then be able to determine the need for additional payment from the patient and that balance will be billed accordingly.