Surgery Preparation

Day of your Procedure

Whatever type of surgery you’re having and wherever you have it, you will receive some type of anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Careful preparation for surgery and anesthesia helps ensure a successful procedure and smooth recovery.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can change easily.

  • Don't wear jewelry or watches and remove all body piercings including tongue piercing.

  • Don't use powders or lotions. Light makeup and deodorant are OK. You should not wear eye makeup if you are having an eye procedure. 

  • If you are accompanying a minor child who is having a procedure, bring documentation of your guardianship if you are not a parent.

  • Expect to spend about 30-60 minutes at the Center when your surgery is over. This is the average time needed for recovery and post-operative instructions; your needs may be different.

  • A responsible adult must drive you home and be available to stay with you for 24 hours following your procedure. Your procedure will be cancelled if you do not have a responsible adult companion.